23 September, 2020

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VASP Premium is a VASP Group company especialising in customer managmentlogistics services,and postal distribution with online solutions that allow support cross marketing of products.

We are dedicated to the distribution of publications and other associated activities.

VASP - Premium was inicially developed in response to the subscription channel and is today a company that provides integrated solutions for the online commmerce of related products.

Brief Resume:
2006 Criation of Subscription Managmente Channel.
2007 ANACOM Licence for postal distribution.
2008 Expansion of Postal Distribution and increase of Company Sales Channels.
2009 Launch of on-line shop for sale of supbscriptions and editorial products.
2010 Expansion of Nacional Postal Distribution
2011 ANACOM authorisation for Express Distribution
2012 Participation at the eShowLisboa Event (Professional eCommerce show)
2013 Launch of on-line sales of editorial products

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